The Number ONE tip……….   FLASH RESETTING

All tomtom devices can be flash reset. This is when the unit can be forced to reboot. It will NOT delete any data or change your settings.

Simply press and hold down the power button for approximately 20-30 seconds until you hear the ‘tomtom drums’ sound then release the power button. It will take a few minutes to return to normal working condition. If you do NOT get the ‘drums’ sound then the device needs to be repaired.

The Number TWO tip……….     The BATTERY      

The green lights on your tomtom does NOT mean the battery is being recharged. It ONLY means it is connected to an external power source.

Leave you device on charge for a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably 2 hours before attempting to power up. This is a must for those who leave their tomtom in a draw for weeks on end. When your turn a tomtom off it goes into StandBy and does not turn off. The battery is drained completely after a couple of weeks and needs recharging properly.

The Number THREE tip……….     UPDATES

There are 2 programs available to update your tomtom unit via the internet. The 1st and most current is called ‘My Drive Connect’. This can be downloaded for free from the tomtom website and will update all of the following at no cost.

GPS Quick Fix - Map Share Corrections - Firmware (Navcore) - Voices

New and up to date Maps and/or different region cost.

The 2nd is called ‘tomtom HOME’ and does the same as the 1st but is for tomtom devices that were manufactured prior to 2012

KEEP IT UPDATED …… It will function better

Further HELP & Support

Simply ring us on the phone. We will discuss your issues and offer guidance.

Do ALL the above before ringing and have the device in hand as we may ask you to carry out further procedures and tests to determine if it needs to be physically repaired or not.