LT3455 - Voltage Regulator x 1 Piece


LT3455 Chip (Voltage Regulator)  x 1 (ONE) Piece.

If the tomtom device has suffered a voltage overload this chip will need to be changed.

Soldering Skills of a high standard are required and this should not be attempted by anyone inexperienced.


 Seamless Transition between Input Power Sources : Li-Ion Battery, USB, and 5V Wall Adapter
Accurate USB Current Limiting (500mA/100mA)

 Two High Efficiency DC/DC Converters: Up to 96%

 Thermal Regulation Maximizes Battery Charge Rate without Risk of Overheating

 Full-Featured Li-Ion Battery Charger with 4.2V Float Voltage for LT3455 Improves Battery Life and High Temperature Safety Margin

 Hot Swap™ Output for SDIO and Memory Cards

 Pin-Selectable Burst Mode® Operation

 Output Disconnect: All Outputs Discharged to Ground During Shutdown

Category Motherboard Chips